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Article Review: Best in Show! – Music Education Software

Today’s post is an article review with some interesting new products you may be interested in checking out. “Best in Show!,” written by Peter J. Perry of the “Teaching Music” magazine (October 2018 volume 26, number 2), is an overview of some of the new educational software being presented at the 2018 National NAfME Conference. Each software company is a sponsor of the NAfME conference and each provides some compelling benefits to their select music education sub-niche.  

Mr. Perry identifies four specific software platforms with practical music education uses. These are:

  1. Tonara (tonara.com)
  2. eNovativePiano (enovativepiano.com)
  3. Musician’ Toolkit (musicianstoolkit.com)
  4. Prodigies Music Lessons (preschoolprodigies.com)


Tonara is a mobile device practice platform. This software focuses on the student/ teacher relationship in the sense of having the ability to communicate and provide immediate feedback.

The idea is that students primarily practice at home. Students have the opportunity for greater interaction with the teacher via the program. The ideal result will be that students will engage in longer musical practice for greater periods of time. Subsequently, improving quicker. Tonara staff welcomes attendees of the 2018 NAfME conference hopes they will take a moment to stop by the booth to check out Tonara and provide feedback. 


eNovativePiano is a multimedia platform curriculum design for group piano. The focus level of the curriculum covers beginners to late-intermediate piano players. With over 500 multimedia lessons the authors Chan Kiat Lim and Susanna Garcia plan to help teachers plan to customize multiple levels of students in a single classroom.

Article Review: Best in Show!

eNovativePiano provides a trial subscription and a customized quote for piano studio teachers. This is an option I wish more music software companies would provide since there are times when you are required to purchase a software package which includes multiple programs. As a result of various different student levels some software gets used very little and often seems to be a waste of the organization’s money. 

Musician’s Toolkit

Musician’s Toolkit is an educational software for teachers and other musicians looking to supplement their efforts. The software provides on-point videos that cover music education, instrumental maintenance, vocal fundamentals, theory, songwriting, recording, music business and composing.

There is a subscription fee that is reasonable for the value the software. Individual or educational bulk subsciptions are available. I purchased the individual subscription for $9.99 a month however, a one time yearly subscription of $99 is available.


The real value associated with this program is it’s ability to supplement your weaker music or educational skills. Even with the brief time I have used this software, I would recommend it to any music educator that is seeking to self-improve their skill set.

Prodigies Music Lessons

Prodigies Music Lessons is a music curriculum designed for young students. This package includes colorful books, bells and videos. The focused age group includes student of ages 2-12 and a mobile app to teach music theory.

Prodigies Music Lessons provides a great opportunity for any elementary or general music teacher looking to keep his or her classes consistently engaged in the curriculum. For more information please visit https://www.preschoolprodigies.com/.


“Best in Show! by Peter J. Perry clearly prepares the reader to look forward to four quality music education software products that teachers should seriously look at if a value can be added to their programs. The curriculum plans and professional development aides help improve the quality of our instruction and ultimately benefit our student’s musical experiences.

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