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18 Reasons Students Love Being in a School Instrumental Music Program

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Everyone seems to have their own reasons for loving music. Today in “18 Reasons Students Love Being in a School Instrumental Music Program,” we will identify some of those great reasons!

#1 It’s Fun!

Music is inspiring regardless if you are a performer or an audience member. The fact is, creating music is just plain fun.

#2 Opportunity of Discovery

Performing in an ensembles provides you the opportunity to play marches, overtures, and all sorts of incredible music. Let your curiosity take hold. Be sure to learn everything you can about these pieces such as composers, history, style and more. Remember, knowledge is power and learning a musical piece is just the beginning.

#3 Be Apart of Something Bigger than Oneself

Being apart of a team of musicians who create something special is an intrinsically rewarding experience. Find out how rewarding it can be to create something more beautiful and inspiring than one person can do alone. 

#4 Learn Valuable Life Lessons

Being apart of ensemble is truly a learning experience. Sometimes lessons take time to appreciate but eventually you learn to welcome them. A sense of balance, responsibility, and integrity allows you persevere and grow as a musician.

#5 Improve Cognitive Abilities

As a musician you are allows multitasking which reinforces lower and higher level thinking skills. You are reading notes, applying step-by step processes, watching the conductor and performing music all at the same time. These skills are reinforced constantly and are easily transferred to other disciplines in school.

#6 Improve Musical Skills

When you play in a musical ensemble you rehearse and perform music that includes challenging skills to master. These skills would include time signatures, key signatures, rhythms, dynamic usage and more. Learning these skills help make you a better musician.

#7 Perform Under Amazing Educators

There is often few musicians in a performing ensemble that are more passionate about performing than your teacher.  Just image the process that these dedicated individuals guide you through. You start by seeing a piece of sheet music on a stand to eventually creating a musical masterpiece. Your teacher not only gets you to perform as a truly musical artist but also inspires you be more than what you self-perceive yourself to be.

#8 Meet Interesting and New People

Joining an instrumental music program is one of the fastest ways to meet new people. Right off the bat you know you share a similar enjoyment for music and getting to know people maybe as simple as saying hello. Take a chance, introduce yourself and see if a shared love of music can create additional networking opportunities.

#9 Entertainment for School and Community

Parents, friends, and community members always look forward to school concerts. High quality performances often transport your audience members into an alternate and aesthetic state of mind. They often forget about their own personal problems as your performance refreshes their senses of fantasy. 

#10 Looks Great on Your College Resume

Advocate for yourself and show those schools of interest that you are an active and cultured musical citizen. Show that you have a record of hard work, attention to detail and passion for the organizations you are apart of.

#11 Gives You Something To Look Forward To

Regardless if students are looking forward to a concert, masterclass or just general rehearsal, instrumental music groups provide you an outlet to participate in something special.

#12 Improve Discipline Skills

Only practice, focus and drive to improve will create the discipline skills needed to improve your craft and provide a successful experience. The development of these skills will be huge intrinsically driven rewards for anyone.

#13 Performing in Concerts is Thrilling

There are very few things in life that provide you the same type of thrill one receives when someone performs in front of an audience. 

#14 Support From Friends and Family

Often times family and friends want to share their glory day experiences they had when they were in a performing ensemble. Even if a family member has never learned to play an instrument they often talk about the respect they have for those that can perform. As a result, students of music feel supported and recognized for being apart of something special.

#15 Increases Appreciation for Music

Students learn about the hard work that is involved in being in an instrumental music program. It takes patience, dedication and a commitment to excellence. As a result, students understand what it takes for others to accomplish inspiring musical feats.  

#16 Participation Can Lead to a Musical Career

Being inspired is often apart of being in a great instrumental school  music program. Masterclasses allow for outside professionals to come into the schools to demonstrate and communicate the amazing opportunities musicians have. If music is something that a student wants to pursue then getting to know early opportunities is important.

#17 Get to Travel 

Camps, competitions, parades and festivals that take place in unique and exciting places bring a sense of fun and meaning to an instrumental group. The reward to traveling is that often groups get to tour the local sites and try something new.

#18 Create Lifelong Friends

Friendships are often created through shared experiences. Musical programs create an environment of teamwork and family. Often musicians forge friendships that last a lifetime. As a result, music participation has crafted an experience for students to treasure long past ever playing an instrument.

It is clear that music education and performance are loved in these eyes of those that that take part in instrumental ensembles. Please feel free to comment, question or add to this blog post to help add a more complete picture of what makes music great. 

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