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A School Band Program’s Website

Creating a school band program website is a great way to inform prospective students, parents, and the community about the objectives and programs of the school band. A website can also provide information on upcoming performances, student accomplishments, and other relevant news. Below are some topics you can include on a school band program website. 

Band Website

Program Objectives:

 • Explain the mission and objectives of the school band program

A mission statement for a school band program is to help students learn about the importance of music and to promote music education. Exhibits are a must for a band to be effective. The objectives of a school band program are to promote music education, help students learn about traditional music, and to have a positive impact on the school community.

 • Describe the learning goals of the program
 • Highlight the benefits of participating in the band program
Mission Statement

Student Opportunities:

• Describe the various musical ensembles and performance opportunities
• List upcoming performances and events
• Showcase student accomplishments
List of accomplishments

 Resources and Support:

• Provide an overview of the band director and support staff
• Highlight the school district’s commitment to the program
• Link to helpful resources such as music theory websites and practice tools
Resources and Support

Parent Information:

• Offer guidance on how parents can support their child’s musical development
• Explain the financial costs of participating in the band program
• Provide contact information for the school band director
Parent Information


By including these topics on your school band program website, you can help to create an engaging online presence and provide useful information to your potential students, parents, and the community.


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