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Recommendations on How to Engage Your Ensemble During a Rehearsal

Rehearsals are a crucial part of any musical performance. They provide an opportunity for the ensemble to practice and refine their music. However, rehearsals can also become tedious and repetitive, leading to a lack of engagement from the ensemble. Here are some tips to keep the entire ensemble engaged during rehearsals:

Engage the Ensemble


Set Goals

It is important to set goals for each rehearsal. This will give the ensemble a sense of purpose and direction. Goals should be specific and achievable. For example, a goal could be to perfect, or vastly improve, a section of music or improve a series of components of music such as the dynamic demands in the literature.
Setting Goals

Involve Everyone

It is important to involve every member of the ensemble during rehearsals. This can be achieved by rotating parts, giving everyone a chance to play a solo, or  sight-reading various pieces of literature.
Students can also take on leadership roles that enable them to take even more ownership into the ensemble. 

Involve Everyone

Be Interactive

Rather than simply playing through the piece, create interactive activities that engage the entire ensemble. For example, you could introduce improvisation where each member has to improvise a short solo or create a call-and-response section.

Provide Feedback

Feedback is crucial during rehearsals. It helps the ensemble to improve and grow. However, feedback should be constructive and specific. Instead of simply saying “that was wrong,” provide suggestions for improvement.


Keep it Fun

Rehearsals should be enjoyable, not just a chore. Incorporate humor, lightheartedness, and creativity into rehearsals. With preset parameters, this will keep the ensemble engaged and motivated.


By implementing these tips, you can ensure that your rehearsals are productive, engaging, and enjoyable for the entire ensemble.

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