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11 Simple Activities To Make Learning Fun

Making things exciting and fun in the classroom is often hard when having to prepare various types of assessment. Usually, there is too much content to cover in too little time. As a result, stress gets the best of you, you become exhausted, and creativity tends to be a thing of the distant past. Have fun! Breakthrough the low energy grind and try these 11 simple activities to make learning fun. 

How to Have Fun

  1. Play icebreaker games throughout the year.
  2. Have students come up with questions about your lesson that will stump other students.
  3. Share odd facts and intriguing information that is in the classroom lesson.
  4. Allow for stretching breaks every 15 minutes. Perhaps play “Simon Says.
  5. Have a raffle for school supplies. Have students earn tickets for good behavior or extraordinary work.
  6. Keep everyone alert by tossing a bean bag to students as you call on them.
  7. Hold a riddle contest every week.
  8. Adjust a normal lesson to make it more fun. In other words, change the working parameters planned for activities.
  9. Add a sticker prior to passing out worksheets.
  10. Wear a silly costume or outfit related to the lesson you are teaching.
  11.  Have students to create their own board games based on the lessons. Then play them with other students.

Ways How to Make learning fun Activities

The Benefits

The benefits of changing your routine to make your classroom interesting and fun can have long-lasting rewards. Your students will look forward to coming to your class. As a result, attendance will improve and the need to have after class tutoring sessions will diminish.

Consequently, better attendance will also lead to greater student engagement and a better academic success rate. This typically motivates educators to work even harder and the cycle repeats itself.  Most of all, I recommend finding ways to make learning fun which keeps you in the profession and the ultimate winners are your students.



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