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How To Use Groove Pizza

 Groove Pizza is a free drum sequencing app that can be used in class to enhance teaching activities. You can access Groove Pizza and use it by using almost any device that has internet access.

When you get on the website you will notice why Groove Pizza has it’s name.  This circular rhythmic app is colorful, involves a variety of shapes, patterns and literally looks like a pizza.

How To Use Groove Pizza

As a drum sequencer, you are able to manipulate drum sounds, rhythms, tempos, volume and so much more. If you are not the creative type, there is also the option to choose “specials.” Like real pizza “specials” are like premade drum patterns that you can use and manipulate based upon your desires.

How Does It Work

Groove has a user friendly interface.

Along the Right Side of the Screen

  • Specials – premade rhythmic beats
  • Shapes – shapes to create a certain types of groove
  • Share – share on social media (facebook, twitter, soundtrap, download audio, or create a link)

Left Corner of the Screen

  • Volume Level -Sound Levels
  • BPM – Tempo (speed of the beats)
  • Swing – Turn straight eighth notes into a jazz swing feel
  • Slices – Create more or less subdivisions
  • Square -Choose to fill in shapes with color (or not)
  • Angles -Adds angles to the visual representation

Bottom Center of the Screen

  • Play – Play or Stop it
  • Small Boxes – Choose what beat, or subdivision you want the bass drum, cymbal, and snare drum to play on
  • 4 Large “Pizza” – Choose up to  4 Groove for Your Pizza to Play (and rotate grooves)

Center of the Screen

  • Pizza – Manually create shapes to manipulate and develop it.

What Value Does It Add

It is a fun app that you can use to make learning fun. You can use it to reinforce musical math, teach subdivisions or just make fun grooves. I personally put it on the big speakers as the class practices scales.


Groove Pizza is an educational aide that any educator can use to suite their needs. I highly recommend it because it is free, fun and truly serves my purposes. Feel free to try out Groove Pizza to mix things up and enhance your students educational experiences!



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