The Basics of Noteflight

What is Noteflight?

What is Noteflight? Noteflight is an awesome cloud-based music composition software. It is simple to use and is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Noteflight has everything an educator or student musician would need to write a beautiful musical piece. This blog post will identify how to set-up your notational canvas, add notes and add all of the dynamic-based elements that make music special.

Learning the Basics

This tutorial-based blog post will lead you through 3 video lesson based projects that will get you writing all types of music in no time. In addition, this lesson starts instruction after you have signed up for a Noteflight account. Take a moment and sign-up at It is FREE to get started!

Lesson 1.1 – Enter Notes, Rests, Saving and Exporting

Lesson 1.2 – Page Set-Up, Changing Note Heads, Articulations and Stickings

Lesson 1.3 – Treble Clef, Pitches, Dotted Notes, Numbering Measures and Inserting Rehearsal Letters


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