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Getting Organized With Mind-Mapping

Getting and staying organized is a constant challenge for all educators regardless of what you teach. In this article, we are going to address a simple approach to organizing your activities through mind-mapping.

Getting Organized With Mind-Mapping

Mind-mapping is a method to brainstorming ideas without worrying specifically about an order or structure. Mind maps are visual diagrams you construct to represent words, ideas, concepts and sequences that you later analyze and utilize. Consequently, saving time and energy.


Teachers must organize curriculum, time, tasks and a million other things to stay on top of their responsibilities. Some of the benefits to using diagrams and creating mind-maps include:

  • To simplify your management system
  • Sequence the order of curriculum presented to students
  • Clear your mind
  • Create a flow charts
  • Place information in a centralized location

Mind Mapping Techniques

First, whenever I am working on a big project, or have a multifaceted task, mind-mapping benefits me in ways that only a visual diagrams have the power to provide. As a result of a quality mind map people can make better decisions and thorough plans of action. Ultimately, improving your mind-mapping organizational skills is something you can accomplish for free or through relatively inexpensive means.

Paper and Pencil

Paper and pencil may be an old school approach to mind-mapping but it is an excellent and easy way to jot down your ideas down. You can color-code, attach sticky notes to identify categories of whatever projects you are working on and it completely customizable.


Technology has improved so that mind-mapping is attractive, enjoyable and fun to do. There is no one perfect program to help you manage what is taking place in your life but some come close. Try using any visual software that makes it clear to see ideas and concepts.

Google Drawings

One free software you can use to mind map is called google drawings. You can access Google Drawings by going to To use this free software all you have to do is have a google account. You can easily do this by signing up at By signing up with Google, you can also access a number of free apps.

Google Drawings provides a blank canvas in which you can create flow charts, make designs and shapes that visually represent your ideas. You can lay text over callouts and premade shapes that can be downloaded as a .PDF or other file types. Since it is Google-based you also have the ability to share and collaborate your ideas with others. As a result, visions, tasks and missions can easily be communicated with the masses.


My personal favorite software for mind-mapping is MindMeister. MindMeister can be found at This software has free and paid versions that are visually appealing for all types of users.

Several premade templates are available for individuals to customize in categories such as business, design, education, entertainment, life, marketing, and productivity. Similarly to Google Drawings, MindMeister allows the user to share, collaborate and download in various file formats. As a result, organizing and communicating ideas becomes super easy.


In conclusion, mind-mapping seems like a common sense approach to getting your ideas out but it is an effective means for seeing the “whole picture.” Try this approach and see if you can improve your organizational skill set. If it does work use it and improve your professional proficiency.



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