Music Educator Live! Guest Interview Ms. Theresa Hoover

Teaching Tips and College Reflections

Saturday 03/02/24

🎶 Join our host, Bill Stevens, as he sits down with the remarkable Ms. Theresa Hoover, a visionary in the realm of music education.

Dive into a captivating discussion on “Making Ensembles More Student-Centered” and discover innovative strategies to amplify student voices in the music room.

🔍 About Theresa Hoover:

  • A dedicated music educator, speaker, and writer.
  • Advocate for student empowerment in musical journeys.
  • Former middle school band teacher in Northern Virginia.
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator.
  • Author of Empowering Ensembles With Technology.
  • Co-author of Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students.
  • Co-host of the podcast Pass the Baton: Empowering Students in Music Education.
  • Pursuing a PhD in Music Learning and Teaching at Arizona State University.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your music classroom with the power of student-centered learning.

Theresa Hoover




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