Music Educator Live! Guest Interview Lesley Moffat

The Professional Music Educator and Wellness

Friday 01/05/24

In today’s live stream we will be interviewing Ms. Lesley Moffat. Ms. Moffat “LIVES” Band, through and through!

She is the daughter of a high school band director, and had aspirations to be one too. She is currently in her 36th year of teaching and loves it. Ms. Moffat has performed in notable venues, is a professional adjudicator and has even written two best-selling books that focus on music educator wellness for themselves and creating a classroom that is healthy for students and teachers.

Please enjoy!


Check out Lesley’s books here:

1. I Love My Job But It’s Killing Me

2. Love the Job, Lose the Stress

3. Meal Planning Made Easy: The Band Director’s Solution to

Healthy Meals in a Hurry

Podcast: Band Director Boot Camp

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