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Why I Love WeVideo Software is my favorite cloud-based video editing software. This is a teacher’s smart choice for choosing the best video editing software. Even more, be sure not to overlook the potential benefits that WeVideo can provide for educators. In fact, video editing can capture amazing learning experiences that inspire and motivate everyone.


What Makes It Special

What makes different from the majority of the other video editing software?

  • Cloud-Based
  • High-Quality Video recording
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Incredible Amount of Cloud-Based Storage
  • Networking With Innovative Leaders From Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • WeVideo is Now a Google Education Partner
  • The software is Always Up-To-Date

I Love WeVideo Software

A Radical Shift

First of all, video is a highly engaging and popular medium for learning. Consequently, in the past, video processing has required high priced, complicated hardware and software.

Now, with, the average person can create videos using an unusually user-friendly interface. For this reason, this allows me to create tutorial videos for my music technology classes, create promotional videos for an upcoming performance or provide weekly video updates for parents.

Use Everywhere

Since uses HTML5 to deliver a powerful and stable interface for users, they can come to expect a virtually seamless experience. Similarly, videos are just as clear as many Hollywood movies and the software provides several advanced tools for editing unlimited tracks. Above all WeVideo provides simple and clear tutorial videos which give users a clear insight into making beautiful creations.

Education Focus

Education is a core value of the WeVideo team. One of the easiest ways to ensure the success of video creation is to make the process simple as possible. Despite the plethora of tips and tricks provided by professionals, the software team continues to re-evaluate the interface so that special effects are easy and no technical skills are required.

Try it Out For Yourself

Finally, WeVideo encourages educators to try out this great software for themselves. Even more, a free trial is available and the software is Google Classroom compatible. You will find that this is the best “how to video editing software” on the educational market.




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