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Three Major End of Year Responsibilities for Music Educators

Band Director

It’s no surprise that the end of a school year brings with it a whole host of responsibilities for music educators in the schools. As students timidly transition into summer, directors must juggle a range of duties to ensure that the program continues successfully into the next school year.

End of the Year Concert

One crucial responsibility of music educators is organizing and executing a successful end-of-year performance. Even though students may be anxious about the upcoming event, having an energetic, well-executed performance can really motivate them going forward. Music directors are responsible for creating and implementing a program that gets students involved and engaged – regardless of their initial enthusiasm level.



Another key duty for music educators is providing feedback to their student musicians before summer break. Giving effective feedback allows the director to not only assess each student’s progress throughout the year but also provide insight as to how they can become better musicians over the course of their musical journey.

Teacher feedback

Keep Playing

Finally, as any good music teacher will tell you, it’s important for students to keep playing music – even during their “down time” during summer break. To help with this further, music directors should produce helpful resources such as practice schedules and quality instructional materials like etudes or solo pieces so students can stay sharp while away from class.


By diligently carrying out all these tasks before they head out on summer vacation, music directors can ensure successful progression in the coming months and preserve both student interest and motivation when they come back in September!



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