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The Importance of Elementary School Music


The Power of Music

Music can make you feel a lot of things. It can make you feel happy, inspired and accomplished. Nothing makes music educators feel better than making music. Whеn you are having a bad day, music allows your life tо calm down and becomes easier.

Limited Time

In elementary school, students come tо rehearsal during their lunch. Rehearsals start and students get tо practice for about a half hour. In rehearsal, students work on repertoire and the class keeps pushing the envelope tо achieve more and more. This is an art that makes the experience unbelievable.

Most elementary programs don’t meet every day. They meet once a week. Engaging students as trained musicians creates a positively addictive culture. Children give up being outside, and even give up even playing. This is huge and is a tremendous sacrifice.

Value Children

It is important that every student feels valued and safe. Many schools serve a diverse set of students who are children of immigrants. Kids from all parts of the world are doing things that are extraordinary.

The Calling

I became a music teacher because I love music. I really want to get a chance tо make a difference in children’s lives with music. Teaching is tough, frustrating, and exhausting. However, suddenly a joyful and rewarding moment occurs when you get tо see your students perform.


In conclusion, elementary school music education is truly a calling that takes hold of a person. This article is dedicated and based on an elementary educator, Peter Mancini, who continues tо inspire and challenge his elementary students tо be great. Consequently, every music educator has the potential tо be a star in the eyes of any child no matter the age, or background. To clarify, music education often starts for children in elementary school and a love begins with the teacher. If you teach in the secondary schools, take a moment tо thank an elementary music educator for inspiring your students tо love music.




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