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Interactive Diagrams With Google Slides

Interactive diagrams are incredible educational tools in use by educators every day. From the power of google slides teachers can interlink slides to introduce, test and gamify important class content. Google Slides provide the opportunity for teachers to teach on a large scale, due to easy digital distribution, and enables quick discovery learning.

Uses in the Music Classroom – Interactive diagrams have opened up learning opportunities for schools where students have computer access or classrooms that have projectors.

For example, I have included 3 different interactive diagrams educators may choose to use. One simple use is to introduce the parts of the clarinet, trumpet, and trombone.

Interactive Diagrams With Google Slides

The beauty of interactive digital slides is that students can identify parts of the instrument and check their work. When someone clicks on a location of the slide, the answer appears. Instead of a google slide going in “slideshow order,” slides can go from one slide to another anywhere in the file. This is a result of interconnected google slide function that makes this process possible.

Uses in the Music Classroom

  • Part of the Instruments
  • Class APP
  • Rhythm Diagram
  • Quiz Review
  • Game Show (Gamification)
  • Story Telling
  • Communicate Procedures
  • Teaching any concept that can be shown visually

Create My Own

To create your own interactive google slide watch HERE.

Parts of the Clarinet

The parts of the clarinet, trumpet, and trombone include many intricate parts. Testing your knowledge helps students learn fingerings and foundational information.

Parts of the Trumpet


In conclusion, the linking technology of google slides has provided educators with new options for content delivery. Above all, technology should focus on student learning, not just for the entertainment value. Therefore, be sure use these tools in a purposeful manner and you should expect to see positive results in your students work.



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