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Immerse Your Practice Efforts With Tomplay


Tomplay is a new immersive tool that can transform you, as an educator, and your student’s musical practice efforts. This app is available for download from the Google Play or Apple App store.

Features included in this music education app include:

1) digitalized score for synchronized accompaniment

2) ability to speed up or slow down accompaniment tempo

3) option to record yourself playing

4) annotate the digital sheet music

5) loop specific areas of the music to practice, and

6) print your digital score with annotations on it.

You now have every reason to check out this hot new software and see if it works for you.


Digitalized Score Synchronized Accompaniment

Tomplay can interact with the musician. As he or she plays, Tomplay’s interactive sheet music scrolls automatically in time with the musician. Starting this app is as easy as choosing the track you want to play and pressing play for the interactive score to accompany you.

Perhaps you are performing at a recital, and your piece calls for a piano accompanist. Tomplay provides you with quality interactive accompaniment from professional musicians rather than from prerecorded low-grade MIDI playbacks. Most importantly, I find this to be a huge bonus when students perform at solo/ensemble festivals or have a featured solo at the spring concert.

Change Accompaniment Tempo

One of the problems with other accompanying software is that if you slow down or speed up the background accompaniment, there is a noticeable loss in sound quality. In contrast, with Tomplay, this is not the case. The app maintains the highest standards of sound quality available for interactive digital playback. Speed up or slow down tempos to meet the appropriate growth development for your student musicians.

Music Educators around the world use Tomplay.

Record Yourself Practice

Try Tomplay to strengthen problem-solving skills with students. Consequently, music education in the home and at school is a powerful way to enhanced and improve student musician’s progress. Similarly, using this tool also provides an opportunity to go further by creating a digital journal that highlights a student’s musical journey.

Annotate in your score

Annotate Your Digital Music

The ability to personally annotate digital music is a benefit to all music students and teachers. Furthermore, writing in necessary reminders will not hinder the interactive software in any way and will enable performers greater clarity in musical execution.

Loop Music

Tomplay Guide

Focus your practice by cleaning up weak areas in the music. For example, use the loop feature to get the most uninterrupted practice for the time you have. Above all, I love using this with my students because every instructional second is valuable, and the loop feature saves me loads of time as a music educator.

Integrated Metronome and Tuning Fork

Student Musician

Have the necessary music tools at your convenience. The integrated metronome and tuning forms make tuning and timekeeping a breeze. Most importantly, this is a must for any serious musician.

Print Music With Annotations

Print any of your personally annotated scores with ease and peace of mind. Above all, selected works all follow copyright rules and regulations. For more questions contact Tomplay Support.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as a music educator involved in using educational technology in the classroom, I have tried many different applications to see what works for me. Most importantly, the aspects of this app that woke me up to its potential were 1) it’s ability to print annotations and 2) the high definition accompaniments. My recommendation is to get a subscription and take advantage of one of their generous discounts. Or, get a trial educator subscription and see if you like it as much as I do.



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